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Identify and Face Your Financial Fears

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The lawyers of the Southern Illinois Bankruptcy Attorney firm understand that you have financial fears and are here to help.


What are your financial fears? When it comes to money, often
people tend to ignore the situation, hoping against hope that the problem will
just go away.

“If I ignore the creditor mailings and screen the creditor
calls, I can convince myself that everything is alright.”

However, we know that the “head in the sand” approach isn’t
realistic. Actually, our bankruptcy experts have seen time and again that this
ignoring tactic inevitably makes the problem worse.

So let’s start by facing those fears. Write them down. Say
them out loud. If you can face your fears, you can start to tackle them.

Start with the worst-case scenario.

“I’m afraid I will lose my home.”

“I’m afraid my significant other will leave me.”

“If I tell people I’m in financial trouble, they will lose
respect for me.”

“I feel like there is no end in sight.”

Write down all of the fears, from worse to the unimaginable.
Getting them down on paper takes away some of the power these fears have had on
your nerves, your ability to sleep and your rational thinking.

Fears are emotionally based and to deal with your financial
challenges, you need clear and practical thinking. Therefore, the first step is
to identify those fears and then begin to measure them against reality.

Communication is the

Money problems rarely happen overnight. Unless your debt has
come from a significant and unexpected medical bill, most often the debt
accumulates over time. In some cases, the debt is the cause of bad spending
habits, poor investments or a lack of a consistent payment plan.

Often people in debt have tried to resolve the issues alone,
keeping the problems from their family members so that they can avoid
embarrassing conversations.

However, being open and honest about your debt is the first
step to resolution. First, make sure your family is aware of the problems so
they can help with solutions.

Second, contact your creditors. When you call those you owe
and explain the problem, they may have solutions available you weren’t even
aware of.

Third, seek professional help. We meet with clients every day who are in a similar situation to yours. We have the experience and resources available to help you formulate a plan to tackle your debt.

Take Action

Keeping your financial fears to yourself solves nothing.
Once you have identified those fears, communicated them to those that matter,
make sure you take action. While filing for bankruptcy is an option, it isn’t
the only option. Ask for help from those with experience. Our first
consultation is always free. We can assess your particular circumstance and
offer a variety of solutions. Give us a call. Don’t continue to let those fears
eat away at you. Help is available.

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