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Life After Bankruptcy – What Happens After You File?

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If you’re currently thinking about filing for bankruptcy, you are probably feeling apprehensive and worried about what will happen once you file. It might seem scary, but bankruptcy has given countless people the chance to rebuild their credit and their lives! You, too, may find that you will also be able to rebound and get your life back on track quickly.



While each case is different and each form of bankruptcy (Chapter 7, Chapter 13, etc.) is also different, you may find that you can improve your credit after you’ve filed for bankruptcy because it can eliminate the old debt you have been carrying. Once your debts are discharged through bankruptcy, you can begin saving money and establishing your credit once again! In some cases, your credit rating improves immediately because the old debt is no longer on your credit report.

What happens when you file for bankruptcy? First of all, the bankruptcy court will mail each of your creditors a “Notice of Commencement of Case,” which will tell them that you have filed for bankruptcy. This notice will also inform you of the date for the first meeting of creditors, which will happen about 30 to 40 days after you file. You will be required to attend this hearing. At this meeting, the trustee will ask you questions regarding your bankruptcy papers, your debts, assets, and other financial information. If you file under Chapter 7, the Bankruptcy Court enters an Order of Discharge 60 to 75 days after this hearing takes place. If you file for Chapter 13, the court will enter an order confirming your plan as soon as you meet the requirements. Then, you will receive your discharge once the plan is complete.

It might seem like it is too difficult to undertake, but Bankruptcy Advocates will be there every step of the way and make it a stress-free situation! Besides, after you file for bankruptcy, you can look forward to a brighter future that includes rebuilding your credit, buying or renting a home or car, and finally live the life you want – unburdened with debt.

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