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Many people who are in financial trouble seek legal advice with the greatest of reluctance. In most cases, they do not see themselves as people who ever have had to file for bankruptcy. In our experience, the vast majority of people that do file experienced an unforeseen event like a major injury or sickness, or a business reversal that was beyond their control. It is surprising how many people are forced to file for bankruptcy merely because they trusted the wrong business partner.

Bankruptcy permits the debtor to decide when, if, and how much they will pay to their creditors. Indeed, there have been cases in our practice where our bankruptcy clients have paid back to their creditors the full amount of their claims after they have filed for bankruptcy.

Financial troubles can be and frequently are the cause of family and marital strife, depression, loss of sleep, irritability, and a loss of self-esteem. At the Bankruptcy Advocates, we assist people who need to file when they were not the cause of their financial problems. In some cases, we are able to put a plan in place so that our clients do not have to file at all.

If you are at the point where all you are doing is worrying about your financial problems, call our office so that we can help you begin the process of putting those worries behind you. Our number is 618-549-9800. Consultations are free.

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